Forever 21 ripped jeans

Forever 21 ripped jeans

Valentino rockstud pumps

Forever 21 ripped jeans

Forever 21 ripped jeans

Forever 21 ripped jeans

T-shirt – Project Social T

Jeans – Forever 21

Shoes – Valentino (shorter heel and rainbow version)

Bag – Saint Laurent

Sunglasses – Ray Ban

Bracelet – Cartier Love, JUC and Hermes CDC

Ripped jeans made a comeback a few years ago and are still growing in popularity. I recently found myself telling a friend “Oh ripped jeans are so passé and tired,” but I may have been wrong. I thought ripped jeans were passé, but I also just recently bought several pairs from Zara and Forever 21. Ripped denim is more ubiquitous than it has ever been, from skinny pre-teen girls to laid back dads on weekends, everyone is finding their place in the ripped-denim world. These jeans range from distressed to ripped to trashed to straight up destroyed like some weapon obliterated them, and only some denim was left. However you prefer your ripped denim, you can now find them on jeans, dresses, overalls, shorts or skirts.

Whenever I wear ripped jeans, I try to play down the rest of the outfit and not until recently did I start wearing them with heels. Here I paired this Forever 21 pair with a light Project Social T t-shirt and a heeled pair of Valentino rockstuds, easy-peasy-dressing. I’ve also seen artfully mixed looks with flowy tops and sandals for a boho look with California-girl panache. However ripped or destroyed your jeans are its key to get the perfect fit just as purchasing a regular pair of skinny or boyfriend jeans. The perfect silhouette jeans heavily apply to make this an effortless-looking outfit. Forever 21 had some good jean-fits, I haven’t bought denim from there in a while and when I found this pictured pair with almost the perfect waist-hip ratio for me I almost cried. All my life, I altered or belted jeans.

Hope you are having a good Monday!


Liz Lizo