Pre holiday kenzo Pre holiday kenzo Hermes braceletPre holiday kenzo Pre holiday kenzo Pre holiday kenzo Pre holiday kenzo Valentino Bag Burberry trench coat

Pre holiday kenzo

Dress – Kenzo (similar, skirt version)

Coat – Burberry (similar)

Shoes – Chloe (similar, white version, tan version)

Bag – Valentino (similar style, black version, red version)

Sunglasses – Ray-Ban

Earrings – Dior (similar, got my eye on these, original pearl)

Bracelet – Hermes

Guysss, I’ve missed you!!! I took the last few weeks off for a strictly no-work vacation, and I think it’s the best thing I’ve done for myself all year. I traveled to Kenya and UAE. Spent time with family in Nairobi, went on a safari in Maasai Mara, got into some desert fun in Dubai and made a quick shopping stop in Sharjah. Did you catch my posts and story on Instagram (@Liz_Lizo) or Snapchat (Liz_Lizo)? If not, follow me on there, I’m a bit more active on those platforms. I’m back now more recharged than ever and can’t wait to share all the photos, brace yourselves, photo-heavy vacation posts to come.

It’s Christmas Eve, and I’m back in NYC wondering why I don’t need my heaviest coat, I’m not complaining just a bit perplexed with the warm temps. Today, I have to get some Christmas shopping done and finally decorate the tree (I know, decorating a tree on Christmas Eve cause that’s how we do it). Speaking of shopping, how are you guys fairing with all the holiday sales? Me? I’m drowning in stuff that I may or may not need. Everywhere I turn there is a sale I can’t resist. In the pictures above I was wearing a pre holiday Kenzo dress, which was one of the first sale items I bought, an initiation to sale-shopping 2015 of sorts, and I’m delighted to say this time again, patience in shopping has paid off.

Now it’s time for last minute errands, will be back soon. Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season beautiful people!!!


Liz Lizo