My earliest memory of any interest in fashion was at age five back in Nairobi, Kenya, my mum and I were at a popular shoe chain store called Bata. I vividly remember myself crying and convincing my mom to buy me a pair of colorful of bubble gamas shoes. At that young age, I did not understand why my mom wanted to wait to buy me the shoes; they were the shoes of the moment, why were we waiting. Growing up I tried to get my hands on any fashion magazine and re-created the looks from the rags with clothes I found at the second-hand markets in Nairobi.

After years of boarding school, my mum and I moved to the US when I was in high school. During high school, I started developing this idea of a career in fashion and journalism. I wasn’t quite sure what the job would be, but I knew it had to be in those two fields. While in college, I started my personal blog “Vogued-Out” a fashion oasis of sorts.

I decided to continue pursuing my dream in journalism and went back to college for a Masters degree in journalism. After graduate school, I moved to New York City and got my foot in the fashion door by interning and working at Hearst Corporation and Conde Nast. In a short time, I realized I needed to get experience fast, with the entire world going digital. I looked to get into online and social media marketing and learn as much as possible. In 2010, I got a break and was hired by a mobile software company as marketing manager. I worked my way up to director of marketing and ran marketing for the entire company. All the while I maintained my personal fashion blog that I periodically updated it.

In 2014, the software company I headed marketing for was growing fast and achieving great success; a larger company bought it. With resources and experience from my previous job, I decided this was my second chance to pursue my dream again. I moved back to NYC, wrote a business plan, revived my fashion blog and rebranded it to Liz Lizo (Lizo is my nickname from boarding school).

So much has happened in a few months, from losing all my belongings (link to story) and having to rebuild from scratch at the same time as starting a new business. The interesting thing is I have never been so content in life. With less than I have ever had, I go to bed happier than I did when I had an overflowing closet and was working at a great corporate job.

For me to return to the fashion industry, I needed to carve out a space where I could use my voice and experiences. Liz Lizo is a brand I am creating for women who love and live fashion. It is for a woman who is inspirational to others around her through her sense of style. For a woman who works hard every day to achieve her dreams emotionally, financially and spiritually. For a woman who desires a fashion oasis that has the latest in fashion, culture, and beauty. It is also for all young girls who want inspiration to become whatever it is they want in life. Never give up on your dream.

Stay tuned my loves! Exciting things ahead!

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