Kenzo  shadow flowers dress Kenzo  shadow flowers dressKenzo  shadow flowers dress Céline box bagKenzo  shadow flowers dress Kenzo  shadow flowers dressKenzo green dressKenzo  shadow flowers dressKenzo green dress

Dress – Kenzo (red version, top version)

Shoes – Saint Laurent

Bag – Céline (Blue or Pink)

Sunglasses – Dior (or here)

I had an amazing birthday weekend, thank you all for the sweet wishes. While I was birthday-dress shopping, I ended up with many non-birthday related items in my basket, some I’ve shared before and others such as this Kenzo ‘Shadow Leaf’ dress. I mean how symbolic of fall is this dress with it’s ‘Shadow Leaf’ appliqués, which also happen to be the color of autumn leaves? Ok, not the sole reason I bought it, but the leaves are very symbolic. I’ve always been a huge fan of Kenzo as evident by all the Kenzo tiger sweatshirts/dresses/shirts I’ve owned over time. When I first laid eyes on this Kenzo wool dress with it’s iridescent vinyl leaf details and long-sleeves, I knew it was a must-have-fall dress, that was even before I realized it was by Kenzo.

With the holidays approaching, we all know there will be a lot of eating involved (well at least there will be for me). These type of holidays call for a dress that is forgiving and allowing for my indulgences. This Kenzo dress checks all the boxes when it comes to weather appropriate, stretchy and warm enough to forgo a coat. The finishes are also eye-catching enough that you don’t have to worry about accessorizing it too much, in fact, pared-down accessories would work best with this dress. I paired the dress with simple black Saint Laurent heels and a red Céline box bag.

Happy Monday and thanks for stopping by, wishing you a productive week.


Liz Lizo