As a beauty junkie who doesn’t miss her weekly blowouts, it’s important that I maintain my hairstyle for the entire week. I get asked questions all the time about what I do to help my hair look fresh even on days when I work out, so here are my tips to help maintain your gorgeous blowout all week long!

Tip #1

Hands off! This tip is by far the most important tip I can offer. Starting from Day 1, touching and playing with your hair will kill the lifespan of your blowout. Why, you ask? Because your hands have natural oils that transfer over to your hair every time you touch your strands making your hair oily quicker. If you want that blowout to last, fight the temptation!

Tip #2

Use a shower cap. When you shower, make sure you wear a shower cap to protect it from the water and the humidity in your bathroom.

Tip #3

Don’t wear your hair loose to bed. If you’re a gal who moves around a lot in her sleep protect your strands by sleeping with your hair in a loose topknot. Not only will you prevent tangles and breakage but your topknot will help create volume when you let your hair out the next day.

Tip #4

Working out? No problem! During an intense workout, make sure your hair is pulled high up and away from your face to reduce ruining your straight strands. Immediately after a workout, blast your hair with a blow dryer to dry up any sweat and then seal your locks in with a blast of cold air to prevent any frizz and increase shine.

Tip #5

Switch your part. If you’ve been wearing your hair in the center part for a few days and is now looking a little flat, try a side part to create more volume and extend your blowout for one more day.


Suhey Estevez