It’s that time again when we look backstage at what the makeup gurus have deemed Fall / Winter 2015 appropriate. Beauty trends are all the rave right after fashion week and we wanted to take the time to share some recurring trends that will have you looking fresh and ready for fall and winter alongside your closet, obviously.Below are the top 3 trends we noticed from New York to London to Milan and finally Paris.

Fresh / Bare faced

Ok, I am a bit biased on this one given I don’t like to wear foundation. But from Celine to Balmain, it was all about a fresh face with no foundation, a natural look, very minimalist. Something a woman who doesn’t want to spend hours blending and countoring would appreciate. Key to rocking this look is to  of course have amazing skin. So practicing the basic good-skin basics such as drinking lots of water, finding clean line products that work for your skin and moisturizing, moisturizing, moisturizing.  I have found Tata Harper products have helped me on my quest for good skin. “Less is more with skin care” as my grandmother (who doesn’t have wrinkles) said to me.

Nina Ricci Beauty fw 2015

Celine fall winter 2015

Balmain fall winter 2015

Hair Ribbon

This is one I am looking forward to trying. How romantic is using a delicate satin ribbon to hold back your hair. Your hair so gently held back screams “I’m old enough and sexy enough to have a ribbon on my head,” don’t we all wanna scream that, or is it just me? Here is the thing, a satin ribbon is gentle enough on your hair while keeping your strands from your face with the added bonus of chicness. No one else proved this point better that Karl Lagerfeld over at Chanel.

Chanel fall winter 2015

Chanel fall winter 2015

Nail Art

Have you been to Instagram lately? For every five pictures in my feed, one is a nail art photo. Yes, nail art refuses to die. Nail art was seen in so many runways shows that it has solidified itself as a trend. From half moons to stripes, manicures have never been this much fun. From Blonds‘ edgy black mesh to the negative-space concept at several shows, nail art is here to usher us into 2016.

Nail art trend

Nail art trend

negative space nails

Have a lovely week!


Liz Lizo

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