During the winter, I’m all for a good blowout, but a good blowout is heavily dependant on tools used as it is on cooperative weather. What makes a “good tool?” One that won’t damage your hair of course!

I was in the search for a new blow dryer and with a little research, I decided to test drive one of the most talked about “Efficient” blow dryers, the T3 Featherweight 2. Having long, thick, curly hair, I need a dryer that dries hair faster and reduces frizz. At the same time since I do straighten my hair frequently, I want to prevent as much heat damage from hair dryers. Here is where the T3 hair dryer delivers. T3 Tourmaline™ and SoftAire™ technologies in this dryer help me achieve a great blowout in a short period.

Right out of the box I noticed the T3 is super lightweight which is a huge plus. Depending on your hair texture, this blow dryer is great for achieving a dream blowout or simple touch-ups throughout the week. YAY! All in all, the final results were as promised, “beautiful.”

*Images courtesy of by She Knows/T3 and Bloomingdales.com


Suhey Estevez