Recently, Liz put me on to what is now my holy grail toner and the basis for this post; the ever so popular La Mer The Treatment Lotion. Up until this recent discovery I had been purposely avoiding toners because looking at the gunk it removed even after washing my face always freaked me out. Denial much? In that sense, this toner is no different – it gets down and leaves your cotton pad dirty. What happens after the gunk is out is where this toner falls into a league of its own! Thicker than the average runny toner, The Treatment Lotion feels leaves your skin luxuriously hydrated and is the primer for your primer. After my very first application in the morning, I noticed my makeup stayed put for at least 8 hours and it didn’t fade away unevenly like I was used to. I even skipped my usual moisturizer. Major score! When I used it again at night, I woke up in the morning and noticed my face wasn’t greasy or tight feeling. What?! Dare I say my oily/combination skin was normal for the first time since… it’s been so long, I can’t even remember when. As far as texture goes I didn’t see much of a difference which isn’t a con at all since I am just now approaching my mid-20s, and there’s not much to target right now. I am however curious to see how it maintains the condition of my skin as I age and discover why it is a long time beauty cult-favorite that’s worth the hype!

*Images courtesy of La Mer/Parkson


Suhey Estevez