stella McCartney shoes 8

stella McCartney shoes

stella McCartney shoes

stella McCartney shoes

stella McCartney shoes

Dress – Céline

Coat – Stella McCartney (old)

Tights – Hue

Sunglasses – Dior

Shoes – Stella McCartney

A chunky white rubber platform pair of Stella McCartney slip-ons is a game changer in my book. Before, I considered an added 1-inch on slip-ons a huge bonus that was until I experienced the 2.5-inches on these Stella slip-ons. There is always something better out there waiting to be discovered. The way I talk about shoe height on here you’d think I have some height complex but rest assured I don’t, I just appreciate comfortable high shoes. These Stella McCartney shoes were my first faux leather shoe purchase and quite honestly I’m pleasantly surprised. What do you know, I could be a faux-leather-kind-of-person, isn’t that a thing?

My first inclination was to buy the lace-up-star brogue platforms, but I’ve never been good with laces, I’ve tripped on shoelaces so many times that I’ve lost count. These slip-ons have a snake-effect which is appealing in real life. These shoes work with so many looks that I’ve worn them practically almost every day since I got them. I go through phases where I get a new pair of comfortable shoes, and I don’t stop wearing them, well until I get that comment “you wear those all the time.”

I’m confidently celebrating retiring winter coats, including this Stella McCartney coat that has seen me through this last winter. We shot these photos on one of those cold-NYC-bipolar-spring days. I paired the shoes with this Céline shirt dress that will double as a cover-up come summer, and some Hue tights. As for now when I look down, I will see bright yellow stars, which is until I start obsessing about another pair of comfy shoes. Gah, I hope I don’t forget how to walk in heels, I’ve heard that happens, that would be horrid, wouldn’t it?

Happy Hump day and thanks for visiting!


Liz Lizo