Balenciaga metallic sweaterBalenciaga metallic sweaterBalenciaga metallic sweaterBalenciaga metallic sweater Balenciaga metallic sweaterBalenciaga metallic skirtBalenciaga metallic skirt IMG_3078.rev

 Sweater – Balenciaga (in blue)

Skirt – Balenciaga

Bag – Céline (in-store)

Shoes – Laurence Dacade (Silver studs and on sale here)

Sunglasses – Céline

Fedora – vintage

How are you, good people? Hope all is well with everyone. As you can see, festive dressing for me has already begun by way of this Balenciaga metallic combo. The pieces are warm and do shine bright like a diamond in real life (I couldn’t help it, pop culture has ruined me.)

It’s December, and we’re at a point where I non-stop complain about how cold it is. I even form friendships with strangers as we commiserate on our state of winter-doom. Guy, I really can’t handle the cold, you would think it’s the first time for me going through it. So It was to my delight when I received this outfit in the mail, and I realized it is warmer than it looked, a bonus in my book. I think I have discussed in the past how practical my wardrobe has turned out to be over the last few years. If it won’t serve me in more than one way (read cute and weather-appropriate), then it’s not for me.

The turtleneck sweater is more versatile than the skirt because I have already worn it a handful of times compared to wearing the skirt only once. Balenciaga has been a brand that has been good to me in terms of quality and craftsmanship, their clothes, shoes and accessories last me forever with no issues. So just in case you were wondering what to get yourself this holiday season, treat yourself with some Balenciaga, some stores have already marked down their Balenciaga pieces.

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for checking in.


Liz Lizo