Céline Classic Box MiniCéline Classic Box Mini Celine dress CELINE DRESS Black Céline Classic Box Mini Black Céline Classic Box Mini Celine dress Céline Classic Box Mini Celine dress and bagCéline classic box bag vs. Céline Classic Box Mini

Dress – Céline (Similar)

Shoes – Dior (in-store) (Similar)

Bag – Céline (in-store) (Similar)

Sunglasses – Illesteva or here (Similar)

When buying a purse, I have a checklist of requirements that the purse has to be meet before making the investment. While there are no hard and fast rules when investing in a bag, I did set up the checklist so I wouldn’t end up spending time buying and selling trendy bags within a year. Living in NYC means much of my routine commute is by foot, which has led me to dislike carrying bags. I seriously mostly carry my Saint Laurent card holder with my cards, keys and my phone all in my pocket. But time to time I feel ‘naked’ without a bag, so I’ve started gravitating towards small bags in classic shapes. All the fashion fables tell us to buy classic bags that will transcend the seasons, but also there are gazillions of ads that bombard us with fantastically abundant “IT” bags season after season.

After much waiting and hoping I finally got my hands on this Céline classic box mini thanks to Bernardo at Céline in Miami. I learned about the existence of this mini Céline classic box mini bag, as I do most things fashion things, on Instagram. I quickly screen shot it send it to my SA and then it was months of waiting, but the wait was worth it. I am beyond excited about adding this new classic-shaped black bag to my closet, my other tiny black bag needed a break. I don’t get much use from my regular sized red Céline classic box bag and even contemplated (gasp) parting ways with it, but got back to my senses and reconsidered.

In the above outfit, I paired the bag with a Céline ribbed dress from a few seasons ago and Dior boots. In this new acquisition, my iPhone 6 Plus has found itself without a home, since the bag is too small to fit it, but that’s a small sacrifice to which I’m accustomed.

Which one do you prefer, the regular sized Céline box bag or the mini? Do you like big or small bags? Let me know, let me know. I wish you a lovely and productive week.


Liz Lizo