Fish in Dark starring Larry David

If you were a fan of HBO’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” then you must have heard of Larry David’s debut on Broadway as actor and playwright in the play “Fish in The Dark”. The adored comedian actor and television writer was so relatable in ‘Curb’ that you felt like you knew him in real life. In this Broadway comedy David plays Norman Drexel, a character very much like David from ‘Curb.’

It starts out with a family death and, believe it or not, this is followed by a series of humorous events. If anyone can bring humor to real life family drama, it’s Larry David. The storyline starts with Drexel’s (David) father on his deathbed with the family making his last dying wish. Drexel’s father’s last wish was that his sons take care of their mother when he dies. Minutes after the father’s death, the family drama begins and it’s downhill from there. It was funny, in the way ‘Curb’ was funny. You find yourself siding and rooting for David’s character, he always wants to do the good thing, but ends up looking like a jerk to those close to him. The cast’s performance had the cohesiveness of a cast that has worked together for decades. Fish in the Dark delivers dry humor with one-liners that will remind you why Seinfeld (directed by David) become a cult comedy. The play is definitely one not to miss.

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Liz Lizo