Happy Spring! As this is my first post on Liz Lizo, I would just like to briefly introduce myself. My name is Jacqueline Lok (Jacqy) and I am a freshman at New York University. I am originally from Southern California, but I am really loving life as a New Yorker!

I’ve always been the guinea pig when it came to facial products, and all my experimenting has finally panned out with my discovery of Lancôme. Since Lancôme is known for their age-defying products, I never really gave them a second glance, as I felt that their products were tailored for the more mature woman. I never thought I would need to use eye creams and lifters at my age, but I realized that being proactive is much more effective than being reactive! No matter what age you are, these products are absolutely amazing and will yield the desired results. Gentle, light, and effective are words I would use to describe Lancôme products.

With that said, I would like to share my nightly Lancôme routine:

1)   I remove my makeup with Lancôme Bi-facile (not pictured). Remember to remove all your makeup, as you do not want leftover makeup to clog your pores when you sleep.

2)   I wash my face with the Lancôme Crème Radiance Clarifying Cream-to-Foam Cleanser (for normal/combination skin). This product is absolutely amazing: the Holy Grail of all facial cleansers. It does not strip all the oil from your skin to the point that your skin feels tight and dead. This cleanser gently washes away all that dirt and sweat from the day and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and pure. Especially since I have relatively dry skin, it was hard for me to find a cleanser that did not leave my skin feeling stripped.

3)   I apply Lancôme Tonique Radiance (normal/combination skin) to my face and neck. I find that directly applying the toner with my hands instead of with a cotton pad cuts down on wasted product and allows me to apply the toner to every inch of my face. This toner is the epitome of gentle. I always associated toner with that little burn you get when it is applied, which is why I tended to avoid toners, as they would irritate my already sensitive skin. Tonique Radiance does not burn; rather it feels cool and refreshing on your skin. It has helped me even out my skin tone and create luminosity in my skin.

4)   I apply the Lancôme Rénergie Lift Multi-Action (Night) face cream.  I use my ring fingers to do this, as they are the weakest fingers on your hand so it will help with a gentle application. This night cream helped me survive my first cold and dry winter in New York City. I would apply this before bed, and I would wake up 8 hours later with my skin still feeling 100% moisturized.

5)   For those especially dry nights, I would apply the Absolue Premium βχ cream for absolute replenishment. I would focus mainly on the driest areas of my face: my nose, forehead, and brow bone area. This little container is more than enough, as this cream is very thick. The saying, “a little goes a long way,” really applies to this product.

These products have taken my skin a long way. I started this winter off with a huge struggle, as my Californian skin was not equipped for the wind and chill of Manhattan. Although we are welcoming in the spring, I am still intent on sticking to this nightly regimen as my skin has improved in leaps and bounds. If you are looking for products to improve your skin, I highly recommend Lancôme products. Even if these specific products do not tend to your skin type, I can guarantee you will find whatever your skin needs with Lancôme!

Thanks for reading and hopefully I will have more beauty products and tips to share with you all soon!