Clicking on “What’s New” on is second nature to me every Sunday. I add items to my basket as if shopping at the local grocery store, but with no intent of actually buying the 10+ items. So it saddens me that a while ago I purchased 2 “silk-ish” (actually 100% polyester) strappy tops from the actual store and just tonight, experienced the worst buyer’s remorse in recent years. The extra small tops were too big on me (considering I got a bit more than 2 bee stings up top), but they seemed ok in the dressing room, a bit loose but in a sexy kind of way. Do I really have to fork $100 bucks for a good strappy top? Isn’t this the reason we have Zara? I paid 40 bucks a pop, so I figured it’s worth a try getting them altered at a local dry cleaners. Will keep you posted.
Liz Lizo