white Lace Dress white Lace Dress Chanel shoes white Lace Dress white Lace Dress white Lace Dress white Lace Dress Valentino mini bag white Lace Dress white Lace Dress

Dress – Zara (Alternatives here, here)

Bag – Valentino (Alternative here)

Shoes – Chanel (Alternative here)

Sunglasses – Ray-ban

Bracelets – Hermes, Cartier, Celine

Necklace – Diana Broussard

Another outfit we shot in Miami is this wonderful white lace dress, which was probably not the best choice for that sunny, humid day. This dress is an elegant mix of a baby-doll and an empire-waist dress. The romantic silhouette of this dress is accented by its short length, which I thought made it perfect for Miami. I was wrong, it was so hot that the lining made it too hot and impossible to make it through the afternoon, but for NYC it may be perfect. You can’t be prim and proper when you’re sweating buckets in your lace dress.

I’m now opting to wear this white lace dress in the fall instead of summer. Come fall, there will be endless possibilities with a white lace dress from layering it to pairing it with booties et cetera. The scallop hemlines and sleeves are so adorable and make it a perfect day-to-night dress. On this day, I chose to pair it with the Chanel oxford cutout shoes, which again proved to be the wrong choice for a hot-humid-Miami day, but we all learn from mistakes. My feet were screaming for sandals after just 10 minutes. The only thing I did not regret pairing with this decadent lace dress was the Valentino mini bag; it really goes with everything in my closet.

Happy Monday, wishing you a fantastic week and thanks for visiting.


Liz Lizo