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Dress – Moschino (or here and here)

Bag – Saint Laurent (similar, silver hardware)

Shoes – Stella McCartney (old, similar)

Sunglasses – Dior

Bracelet – Hermes (or used here in green and here)

“It’s Wabbit season!” Ok so no secret here, I was a huge Bugs Bunny fan growing up. I already jumped on the Moschino Bugs Bunny iPhone 6 plus cover the day it came out. The mere thought of Bugs Bunny makes me smile or happy or both (can’t decide). I thought I was completely looney for buying a jersey dress with a tricked out Looney Tunes character (no pun), but that did not stop me. Jeremy Scott has done amazing things as the creative director at Moschino, like really transformational things. I fall in love with his collection season after season. I remember when I saw someone wearing the Moschino McDonlad’s dress or the Barbie skirt and top set and thinking “wow, how fun, I wish I could rock that.” Well, I’ve collected a few ‘fun’ Moschino pieces since then, but this jersey dress was the real trophy piece, I mean, guys Bugs Bunny is wearing a crown!

The first day this dress was available for purchase, I missed out on it, all the sizes sold out. Sad story, but a few weeks ago I checked my wish list and lo and behold they had one available again, a size larger, but not too large to make a difference. For me, this dress encompasses latest trends, personality, and attitude. As women getting dressed in itself can be such an arduous process. If we had the option of just throwing on a tank jersey dress with our favorite LT character that would make everything else in life so manageable. With this dress, understated accessorizing is paramount. Although the Stella McCartney sneakers and Saint Laurent bag are not as understated as I’d wish them to be, they are not competing with the dress, for that I’m thankful.

Let’s get sporty or let’s get Looney, you decide. Happy Hump day!


Liz Lizo