Did everyone feel that crisp brisk breeze on the East Coast? Finally, layering without getting ticketed by the fashion police, cheers to that.
Mackage is a brand I was not familiar with until a chance encounter while shopping in SoHo, in a store I now don’t remember, will research and post here. When I walked out of the dressing room in this little Mackage number my friend and the SA simultaneously nodded and said “yes to the dress.”
I love the laced up side details and the shoulder pads. This is a dress that really does not need jewelry except for a simple bangle and yes, my classy little black hair band I forgot to take off.
Dress- Mackage
Boots- Fendi from Barney’s
Bag- Alexander Wang from Barney’s
Jewelry- Indian Bangle, claire’s studs

I received an amazing Liebster award from Fashionpad. Thank you dear.

Have a fantastic weekend.
Liz Lizo