Lucky Brand Jeans Lucky Brand Jeans Lucky Brand Jeans Hermes Kelly bag ripped jeans ripped jeans Lucky Brand Jeans ripped jeans ripped jeans Tom Ford strap heels Tom Ford Heels Hermes Kelly Bag

T-shirt – Project Social T

Jeans – Lucky Brand (sized up)

Heels – Tom Ford (old)

Bag – Hermes

Sunglasses – Céline

I. Can. Not. Get. Enough. Of. Ripped. Jeans. I really can’t especially in the summer.  I found another of ripped jeans, this pair was by Lucky Brand, in an oversize fit and snagged them fast, who knows what you can find on a lazy day of shopping. I took a bit of a break last week because I realize I’m not a machine and can’t work non-stop, but I’m back now. Over my break this past week, I wore these jeans t-shirt combo a bit more than was revealed by my Snapchat story (Liz_Lizo). I tend to favor new closet items and go through this phase of over-wearing those same pieces, this was the case with these Lucky Brand ripped jeans.

I’ve got nothing but love for these Tom Ford strap heels, an intense type of love, the kind that will make you wear heels on cobblestone. This outfit was a very basic summer outfit that I later elevated with a Tom Ford Heels and my beloved Hemes Kelly bag for dinner.

Hope you have a great week, thanks for visiting!