Right now, everyone is in the streets of New York City is smiling, the birds are happily chirping and the cab drivers are not inclined to honk every minute. Finally, it’s that time; spring is here, and it couldn’t have come sooner. These last few days, I’ve had to change my outfits before work because I’m either too warm or not quite warm enough, talk about a Goldilocks complex. Spring is a period of happiness from warmer weather, but also a lot of confusion about what to wear. Unfortunately, the weather app on my phone hasn’t helped, but instead exacerbated the confusion with the ever changing digits. Now is the time where the essential transitional pieces come to the rescue.

As we enter a period where it is neither cold enough to heavy knits nor hot enough to show off some bare legs, one must carefully curate their spring closet to include the must-have pieces. There are the obvious ones like a classic mid-weight blazers, every super-stylish woman I know has a plethora of blazer, but also has the mid-weight one to drape over a light silk blouse on a balmy spring night.

If you feel like the phrase transitional pieces is a cliché, you’re right, but it’s a necessary cliché that will pop-up everywhere. I picked the 5 essential transitional pieces that have never failed me and saved me loads of precious dressing-dilemma-time getting ready in the morning.

Remember ladies, the vibe should be reserved, but with a streak of unexposed sexiness. Hiding those toned arms under that mid-weight blazer until you take it off and everyone at the restaurant thinks you’re a Pilates enthusiast. Some of these pieces are really too perfect for words. Check them out below.


1. Mid-Weight Tailored Blazer



Blazer – (splurge on black version here, steal here)


2. Ankle Boot

Chloe boots

Ankle boots – (splurge here, steal here)


3. Light-weight Sweater

Moschino toy sweater blogged by Liz Lizo

Light weight sweater – ( Splurge here, Steal here)


4. Spring Dress


Spring dress - here, Alternative here)


5. Leather moto jacket

IMG_1905Leather Jacket – (Splurge here, Steal here)

Have an amazing day and thanks for visiting!


Liz Lizo