Dr. Bronner



A bit of a history on my beauty routine, I grew up without ever wearing makeup until I was probably 18. And it’s not because I wasn’t allowed, it was simply because the women in my life never did wear makeup, my mother and grandmother did not wear makeup, at least not that I know. After high-school I experimented with a lot of drugstore brands, but never quite mastered makeup enough to wear it on a daily basis. I also have super sensitive skin, so flare-ups have usually followed a night of a beat face. For years, I’ve been in a cycle where I start using something new I just discovered for a few times until my skin goes haywire. My skin literally punishes me for putting makeup on or trying a new product, how is that fair? Not!

The older I get, the more I realize and accept that beautiful skin should be all about healthy skin and not so much about expensive makeup and serums. My grandmother has amazing skin, guys I’m not kidding, she’s got “I woke up like this” flawless skin. A woman in her 80s with skin this amazing must be doing something right. I’ve asked her, coaxed her even, to spill secrets on flawless skin, and she has always replied that she never put anything on her skin, just cleansed and moisturized. Well, that plus ” It’s God,” yes she did say that and who is going to argue with that answer. I listened to my grandmother, I was desperate for beautiful, healthy skin, so I significantly changed and scaled back on my face cleansers. I try to avoid makeup as much as I can, and when I do wear makeup, I thoroughly cleanse my face.

My best arsenal in getting every little bit of makeup off my face is a trifecta consisting of Bioderma, Cetaphil, and Dr. Bronner. I use all three face cleansers to get makeup off, they are all gentle enough for my sensitive skin, but still get everything off. I always start with Biorderma on a cotton pad. I use a liberal amount until most of the makeup is off. Next, I jump into the shower and use Dr. Bronner, which I also use as a body wash, I lather until my face starts to feel squeaky clean when I rinse off. Lastly, I use a wee bit of Cetaphil, to get my t-zone that is usually my oiliest part, then rinse off. At this point, there is never any trace of makeup on when I pat my face with a white towel. This has been my face-wash routine on makeup days. On makeup-free days, I just use either Dr. Bronner or Cetaphil alone. I’ve been on this less-is-more philosophy for a few months now, and so far, so good.


Liz Lizo