As a makeup junkie, it’s hard for me to forego into the world sans makeup. But I’ll be honest, there are days when even us makeup junkies just can’t be bothered (or we hit the snooze button three times) to put on a full face of foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer, blush… you know the drill! Of course even on our latest of mornings we all still want to look presentable and not scare off our co-workers, so I’m sharing with you five beauty hacks that will surely save you time in the AM when you haven’t got a minute to spare.

1. BB Cream

If you only have time to apply a single product on your face when you’re running late in the morning, make sure it’s a BB Cream. BB Creams or Beauty Balms add just the right amount of color and perfect your face in a pinch. Apply with your fingers just like a moisturizer and save yourself the hassle of applying foundation with your brush or sponge. If you’re really pressed for time, throw it in your purse and apply it on the go. It’s that foolproof!

2. Concealer

Now with perfected skin, quickly touch up any spots that you’d like to vanish completely! A duo-concealer is perfect for taking care of blemishes and hiding those dark circles without the bulk.

3. Color-stick

Time is of the essence, and it’s time to put some color back into your face! Color-sticks are your BFF for adding color to your cheeks, eyes, and lips. Do all three or skip the lips but DO NOT skip the color-stick! Choose a bronzy color to get an all-over glow going on that’s hard to over-do.

4. Eyeliner

As much as we ladies love mascara, sometimes it is not practical for rushed mornings when you just can’t afford to miss your lashes and slap mascara in the wrong spot. Get the same full-lash effect by tight-lining the inner rims of your eyes. Not only will your lashes look instantly fuller but you’ll also be saving yourself the stress of possible mascara clean-up too.

5. Oil-Blotting Papers

Now that you’re looking human don’t risk walking around looking like a grease ball! Make sure to soak up any oil slicks on your way to work and throughout the day with powder-infused oil-blotting papers. Gone are the days of carrying your old powder around!

*Images courtesy of Google Images.


Suhey Estevez