Top – Comme des Garcon (red here, green here, blue here)
When it comes to dressing, if I had my way and lived back in equatorial climate, I would wear dresses all the time, I find matching separates to be hectic work. You have to coordinate the top/shirt with your skirt/pants/shorts and for an indecisive person like me this is a time consuming process, creeping well into my breakfast time in the morning. One day I discovered stripped tops and realized I could wear them with anything. Yes my friends, to me, they work with everything. If you see me clashing my stripped tops with my outfit please don’t tell me, let me continue thinking stripped shirts go with EVERYTHING. I accidentally made this discovery when I bought A Comme de Garcon play shirt, because I thought the little red heart was the cutest thing. Today I own a plethora of stripped shirts mostly from Zara, H&M and CDG. Just added two more (pictured above in red and green) to the collection, I needed them in a looser fit, besides who can resist the color “vintage kelly?” Well done J.Crew?
Happy Thursday!
Liz Lizo
Source: J.Crew